Internally, be leaders among our peers in the successful operation of a trust. We commit to collaboration with community organizations and provide effective communications to beneficiaries.

Externally we will:

  • Support enterprises that promote a sustainable economy
  • Participate in initiatives that contribute to the financial independence
  • Contribute to quality education of our people
  • Assist in enhancing the social well-being of our community
  • Support the protection, preservation and promotion of our Cultural Heritage and Treaty Rights.


The Surrender Claim Trust will manage and safeguard the Trust so that it will benefit the people of Peguis for all time. We are dedicated to apply our resources to support Peguis, to build a strong nation, to elevate the quality of life for our people and preserve and protect the legacy that defines us as a sovereign nation.


Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for our Community members both on and off-reserve by making strategic investments of the resources entrusted to us, we can support the social and economic development of our Community.