Assistant Project Officer – Career Opportunity

Do you enjoy working with community members or departmental staff to assist them in achieving their strategic goals?  Would you like to share your knowledge and skills with the community? We are seeking an individual who is willing to assist and support the applicants in the process, provide support to the staff and Trustees, and […]

Request for Catering Services – Annual General Meeting

Contract Services: This RFP will highlight the services required for the delivery of food catering services. Our intention is to ensure that all FOOD, HEALTH AND SAFETY and related requirements are adhered to, as per the established standards and with the Covid procedures implemented. The Contractor will provide a food catering service to supply the[…..]

Administrative Assistant – Employment Opportunity

Do you want a challenging opportunity? Do you want to make a difference for Peguis?  Would you like to support community members with their dreams? The Peguis Surrender Claim Trust is seeking a team member to join us in supporting the staff and community members with administrative support.  We are seeking a courteous, pleasant, empathetic[…..]

Research Assistant (Post-Sec. Summer Opportunity)

Summer Employment Opportunity RESEARCH ASSISTANT The Peguis Surrender Claim Trust is seeking a Post-Secondary Student for a summer employment term, May 11th – August 28th, 2020.  This position offers the opportunity to work with the Peguis Surrender Claim Trust in administrative capacity & development and a wonderful learning environment. Job duties include: Database Management for[…..]