Community Fund Application Approval Limits 2019

Community Fund Application Approval Limits 2019

Approval for Applications up to $87,451.19:
Community Fund Trustees Approval – up to $87,451.19 

Approval for Applications up to $291,503.91:
Chief & Council Approval – between $87,451.20 and up to $291,503.91. Community Fund Trustees up to $87,451.19 and recommend to Chief & Council.

Community Vote Required for Approval over $291,503.91:
Chief & Council between $87,451.20 and up to $291,503.91 and recommend to Community. Community Fund Trustees up to $87,451.19 and recommend to Chief & Council and Community.

Community Fund Trustees:
Lloyd Sinclair , Co-Chair 2019
Hal Sutherland, Co-Chair 2019
Robert Delorme Sr.
2 vacancies

Financial Trustees:
Errol Wilson, Chair 2019
Elva McCorrister
Rob Magnusson, CA
Bill Willms, Corporate Trustee TD
3 vacancies

Sharon Stevenson, Trust Manager
Debbie McElhinney, Project Officer
Denise Sinclair, Finance Assistant
Nikki Stevenson, Admin Assistant

Trust Balance, February 6, 2019: $132,510,595.00
Next Annual General Meeting: May 10, 2019 – Peguis Community Hall


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