Community Leader Series – Carl McCorrister (Puddy)

Community Leader Series ~ Carl McCorrister (Puddy)

Our local historian and community activist. With the gift of teaching & storytelling, Carl is actively involved in ensuring the history of Peguis is maintained, upheld and shared.  He is available and willing to share his knowledge, stories and experiences with all in regards to Peguis’ history.  He is also actively involved with the Peguis Historical Society to ensure the survival, reclamation & dissemination of our colorful and rich history.

Carl is currently engaged in the Community Garden project and Food Security issues.  He has been able to develop several community gardens and assisted in establishing members to pursue their own local gardens.  His drive and dedication help to inspire and motivate others to pursue community gardens and food security, such as hunting, gathering, trapping and pickling, has also taken to the Provincial level to promote food security.

You can also find Carl involved in many other community events and activities.  His community spirit is strong & shines brightly.

Kiche Migwetch for all that you do!


  1. Cynthia Bird
    September 23, 2019 Reply

    This is wonderful recognition! Thank you for doing that and giving thanks! Megwetch.

  2. Belinda Vandenbroeck
    September 24, 2019 Reply

    Carl has always been a very caring and gentle person. I’m not surprised at all the things he’s involved in. He is for sure a mover and shaker for his community of Peguis and other communities. I read somewhere that those who will survive this land are those who know how to garden. We all need to follow his lead.


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