New Sun Lodge Facility Officially Open

by peguissurrender

Press Release: Announcing the Opening of the Sun Lodge

January 18, 2019

Welcome to the Sun Lodge! The Sun Lodge Village announces the opening of the new Sun Lodge facility at Peguis First Nation. Four years in the making, the Lodge is now open and ready for programming. Two hours north of Winnipeg, this huge circular timber frame structure is large enough to accommodate as many as two hundred people for ceremonies, teaching workshops, and community gatherings.

The completion of the Sun Lodge construction represents the culmination of four years of work among the people in this grassroots organization.  According to Dwayne McCorrister, traditional knowledge keeper:

We have worked hard for what we have and what we do as a family. We’ve never given up. Many trials and tribulations have taught us faith and resilience. The Sun Lodge is now a reflection of what we have earned, and it is just the beginning of what our people deserve. Hopefully it will have a positive impact on mankind for how precious life is and our future is. A special thank you to the warriors who never give up, and the Loud Eagle Drum Group who are always there.

The direction for the Sun Lodge came through a spiritual vision. “It’s not something that just came from our minds, as a good thing to do. We were guided by spirit to create this sacred place,” says McCorrister.

A large circle of funding partners came together with their support. Local sponsors have included the Peguis Foundation, Peguis Surrender Claim Trust, the Peguis Treaty Land Entitlement Trust, Peguis First Nation Chief and Council, and Peguis Child and Family Services. The Winnipeg Foundation, the Manitoba Community Places Program, the United Church of Canada Healing Fund and the Turtle Lodge at Sagkeeng First Nation provided support from outside the community.

“Through forty years of research, we have learned again how to live according to the traditional teachings, and we are passing these traditions on to our children and grandchildren,” says Elder Garry McCorrister. “We welcome anyone who is willing to learn to come and participate with us.”


  1. peguissurrender

    Congratulations as great vision and work. Wishing I knew on Grand Openning date as would have attended!

  2. peguissurrender

    On behalf of Peguis Child and Family Services and our community we are so blessed for this sacred place to gather. As a people this is one of many lodges where our spirit can be nurtured; beginning our walk towards truth and reconciliation. Gitchi Miigwetch

  3. peguissurrender

    Will always be grateful to all the beautiful people there that prayed for my cousin Daniel when he was missing, and my family. <3 Congratulations!

  4. peguissurrender

    Chi miigwech to all the people of Peguis and area who are responsible for building the Sun Lodge. It represents one huge step forward for not only Peguis people but all Indigenous people. Hiy Hiy!

  5. peguissurrender

    Generational achievement! and many more to restore and contribute to this success… What a privilege and honour to witness the Sun Lodge bring indigenous knowledge to our lives, it would never have happened with out the commitment and truth that the late Elder Dorothy Stranger brought to us. Love you all, and she will always bless and watch over the Sun Lodge. HiyHiy all my relations

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