Edgar Stevenson Sr (Pops) – Community Leader Series

Edgar Stevenson Sr (Pops) Peguis Youth Coach
‘Hey Pops, Pops…remember when we went to Brandon and I scored those three goals, I made you proud of me, eh Pops?’ As the young hockey player reminisces about his trip to a hockey tournament with his grandpa Ed.
Edgar Stevenson embodies the perpetual Coach, nurturer and care-giver to the many young athletes in Peguis. For three generations, Ed has coached the hockey teams and the baseball teams. As you look at the young and the more experienced athletes or coaches, the majority of them have had Pops as their coach one or more times in their lifetime.
Many of the athletes in Peguis have had him coaching them, their children and their grandchildren. He has seen multiple generations of kids growing up in Peguis and continuing their athletic development. Ed provides an inspiration and a dedication to the local sports to ensure that they continue operating and running for the benefit of the children and youth.
Ed keeps himself and his van busy throughout the year. His coaching keeps him busy locally and he is also involved in provincial, national and international events. His wife, Maxine must miss him when he is away from home so often all year long. Ed has travelled across Canada and the United States with his Hockey and Baseball Teams. Ed has become a well-known Coach across Canada and the United States with his teams and their successes.
Ed is still continuing his love for coaching in hockey and baseball. It is this dedication, commitment and patience for the children and youth of Peguis that we acknowledge Edgar Stevenson Sr. (Pops) for all that he does in Peguis. We say thank you to Edgar Stevenson Sr. (Pops) for being there and helping in the development of our children and youth.
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