Why can’t I personally apply to the Trust for personal compensation?

The Trust Agreement does not allow for individuals to personally benefit from the Trust property. Individuals can apply as a registered business owner(s) or on behalf of organizations. As per Section 8, — USE OF TRUST PROPERTY, of the Trust Agreement.

Is there another Per Capita payment being disbursed to members

No, based on the Trust Agreement only one per capita distribution is allowed.

Why do we have to submit an application to access funds from the Trust?

The only way for the Beneficiary and its member to access funds from the Trust property is by application to the Community Fund. Trustees are obligated to follow the Trust Agreement and the process to access Trust Property is outlined in the Agreement, Section 8.2.

I want to apply to the Community Fund for a project and/or business but I don’t know where to start. What do I do?

We now have a Community Fund Project Officer at the Trust Office who is available to help applicants with the process. Workshops will be available free of charge throughout the year. There are no deadlines for applications.

Why do we have to pay fees to an Investment Manager and Corporate Trustee?

This is a requirement under the Trust Agreement. The Investment Manager and Corporate Trustee have specialized services and skills that are needed to manage a Trust of this nature.

What is the difference between the Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) and Surrender Claim Trust (SCT)?

They both have a Community Fund application process. TLE’s application is once a year and Surrender Claim Trust – there is no application deadline, applications are open to community members throughout the year. They both have different Trustee’s and Trust Agreements. TLE has been in effect since 2009 and SCT since 2011. TLE’s primary function […]

Do past projects/programs that received funding report results to the Trust?

The Trustees have implemented a Project Reporting process. All projects must report back to the Trust so Trustees can ensure funds were used as intended. Funds will not be dispersed again to any applicant if reports are not produced and submitted.  A complete list of all projects that have provided project reports will be listed […]

Why is the application and reporting process so formal and complicated?

In order for Trustees to make decisions on funding applications it is important we understand your proposal and have all the information necessary to make an informed decisions. Trustees have an obligation to ensure funds will be used effectively and meet the criteria set out in the Trust Agreement.