Edgar Stevenson Sr (Pops) – Community Leader Series

Edgar Stevenson Sr (Pops) Peguis Youth Coach ‘Hey Pops, Pops…remember when we went to Brandon and I scored those three goals, I made you proud of me, eh Pops?’ As the young hockey player reminisces about his trip to a hockey tournament with his grandpa Ed. Edgar Stevenson embodies the perpetual Coach, nurturer and care-giver […]

William Prince Grew Up Sleeping Under the DJ Table in Community Halls

William Prince spent his early childhood in a small town just north of Winnipeg. Then one day his family moved to Peguis First Nation on the western shores of Lake Winnipeg “I didn’t even know what a reserve was. I didn’t even really know we were Aboriginal people,” he said. “My dad brought us back[…..]

Linda Chick Sinclair – Community Leaders Series

Linda Chick (Sinclair) – Peguis Treaty Days Coordinator For nine days in July, Peguis First Nation Treaty Grounds bursts into a mecca of thousands of people, both local and visitors. Events and games are planned and in place for the week. Camps, Shades and Restaurants have sprung up. Peguis Treaty Days brings out the community[…..]

Congratulations to all Peguis NAIG Athletes

ATHLETES 1 Sinclair, Ahlaina – Softball U19 2 Wilson, Amayra – Lacrosse U19 3 Harder-Hudson, Ariana- Soccer U16 4 Manningway, Ayden – Lacrosse U16 5 Petti, Chandra- Softball U16- 6 Bear, Colby – Lacrosse U16- 7 McCorrister, Coral – Basketball U19 8 Flett, CJ – Softball U17 (BRONZE) 9 Petti, Denae – Wrestling 10 Sinclair,[…..]