Community Leader Series – Clementine Spence

Community Leader Series ~ Clementine Spence

Clementine can be found at the Peguis Central School overseeing the School Elders Program.  A proud kookum & educator who proudly & humbly manages the elders program. The Elders are provided with the opportunity to share their knowledge & experience with the students, teachers and administration.  Having a Kookum or Mooshom available within the school, provides a sense of family, community and recognition of our resilient & strong indigenous cultural practices.

Clementine shares her gifts and experience with the Peguis Elders Advisory Committee, where she advocates on behalf of the Peguis Elders.  The Elders have an important role in the fabric of the community and her continued promotion and inclusion of the Elders in community events supports & enhances the significance & importance of their roles.

Clementine is also a lay reader for the Peguis Anglican Church and proudly takes on this role for the community.

Her community spirit is strong & shines brightly as an advocate for the Elders and community members.                                                          

Migwetchiwendam for all that you do!

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