Happy Retirement to Robert Delorme!


Thank you for your eleven years (May 11, 2011~December 31, 2021) of dedication and commitment to the Peguis Surrender Claim Trust.  You have helped to implement the Trust, funded over $30 Million in community projects and provided much support to Peguis.  You are a leader and have made a path for others.  We will miss your guidance, advice & knowledge sharing.

The Peguis Surrender Claim Trustees & Staff wish you much happiness with your family and for yourself.  Take care & know you have left a legacy.

  • Community Fund Trustees:  Lloyd Sinclair & Hal Sutherland
  • Financial Trustees:  Errol Wilson, Elva McCorrister, Rob Magnusson & Michelle Samagalski (TD)
  • Staff:  Sharon Stevenson, Debbie McElhinney, Nikki Stevenson & Denise Sinclair.
  • TD Support Staff:  Charlene Gill & Matthew Genaille


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